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By Professor Steve Mark, Advisor to Horizons

Working in reporting and photography teams, the students in our Publications Workshop classes, made up of most of the staff of Housatonic Horizons, the student media outlet of Housatonic Community College, were given the task of exploring a day in the life of HCC students, from midnight to 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, 5-3-17.   

The photo essays that follow seek to answer:  What do HCC students do before, after, and during school on one day? How do they balance their academic, work, family, social lives, and relationships?  Each essay focused on a different theme or aspect of student's lives.

The goal was for students to put their developing photography and reporting skills to work and to learn a little more about preparing and formatting work for online publication.  

Each team produced their photo essay on their own, received feedback from the staff and me at our final exam, and made final changes before these essays were published. 

We're hoping these essays will give readers a short glimpse into how HCC students live, work, learn, and play.    Enjoy!

In Between Classes

Exploring A Day at HCC
By Kaelin Baugh, Nhathalie Jean-Baptiste, and Bernard Davis

What do students do in between classes? How do they spend their leisure time? Here is a little insight from some parts of the Housatonic Community College campus.

From the cafeterias, study halls, tutor rooms, courtyard, etc!

Reporting from the Sidewalk Chalk Festival
 A Day at the Housatonic Glee Club

Human Services Major Abonga Ndema strums acoustic guitar at Glee Club
"I love music, music to me is life and the light that guides me throughout my journey to a better tomorrow. It keeps me moving and gives me hope for the best. It heels my soul and calms my spirit" 

Blaise Sebabi, Business Administration Major

Dashawn Bostik,  President of Glee Club
Alfredo Rivera,  Journalism/Communications Major, brightly smiles for the camera

Socializing with peers during break time in the Cafeteria

Some Math tutoring before a final exam? Smart idea

Tutoring in between classes is not a bad idea, a very productive and helpful resource


A tutor eagerly and openly helps a student with Math work

Housatonic Sidewalk Chalk Festival

Some of the many students enjoying a nice day at HCC from Wednesday, 5-3-17

College Friendships

Welcome to the College Misfits’ A Day’s Life at Housatonic Community College. In this project we will be showing you how friends spend May 3rd while attending HCC. You will be looking at many different students around campus enjoying their friends in photos both taken and shared by the student population.  You will also see students hanging out in the courtyard of HCC as the weather starts to warm up while laughing, joking, studying, and or just lounging around.  

---Chanelle Mattis, Samantha Chaves, Meghan Brooks, Carl Simpson, Katie Selander
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 Two students enjoy the lively atsmosphere together at the Sidewalk Chalk Fesitval

The best part about school is making a new friend that you can study with for finals.

Jorge and Brenda watch as their friend participates in the Sidewalk Chalk Festival


These friends had a BLAST at the HCC sidewalk event!

Friendship isn't about money but nobody said you can't enjoy material things!

When the party's over and done with, friends still have time to chill out while enjoying life and good company.

That moment when you realize you and your best friend are so into art...

Sometimes, you get caught up in a nice day. Other times, you get caught up in Cards Against Humanity.

Two students were enjoying the live music provided at the Sidewalk Chalk Festival. Dancing and talking in the warm weather, these two friends show HCC pride!!

One student helping the other with homework under the stairs in between classes. Friendships last even if you're not in the same class.

Bongos, African Congas, and more drums were being played by a group of HCC students. The music drew a crowd and many were dancing with their friends!

Lunchtime at HCC! Many students enjoy their break between classes outside on the tables with their friends.

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Chelsea Vogel, Kat, and Isabelle Brown rock out at the Sidewalk Chalk Festival.

The best way to end the school day is to sit with your friends in a circle, strumming softly on the guitar.

Monday, May 15, 2017





Raheem Smith says the part of HCC that makes him happiest is having a place where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. Housi students love to express themselves.

HCC students go hard in the paint.

Sophomore Jenna Palermo thinks HCC gives students a chance to show their talents to one another.

"My art was included in our student museum, which was great," 
Palermo said.

Jimmy Barbetti uses spray paint to create art on the block in the middle of the courtyard. 
Personal expression is the key to happiness.
Barbetti uses art to speak his mind in his up and coming local band called 'Scooped Up'.

Another HCC student finds solace in creating art, and even brought an old style boom box to the party.

 Sophomore Sara Hussain finds joy in the simplicity life has to offer. "I love seeing everyone out in the courtyard all together in the nice weather," Hussain said.

Hussain's happiness radiates outward onto all her friends, like Jake Berkowitz, as they enjoy the day outside (and free food and music).

Seeing HCC students out and about instead of sitting at a desk or in front of a screen was a refreshing change on campus. These dudes tossin' the disk were having the time of their lives.

Alexander Sarrano shows his friends his pool skills in the Student Activities Center.

On our way to take photos in the school gym, we were pleasantly surprised to
find a group of students in the dance/music studio. 
"Look at the smile on the conductor's face," Junior, Lucca Frieri said.

Lucca Frieri spends a lot of time at the HCC gym, and finds
happiness in taking time out of his studies to stay in shape.
"We actually have great equipment to work with in our gym," Frieri said.
Do you even lift bro?

Above all, nothing makes HCC students happier than one thing. Free. Food.

"I love food!" Meghan Brooks said.

And just look how cute our professor is. So happy and free.

Horizons Editor Martin Florestant conquers HCC one day at a time.

This report of happiness has been brought to you by the Happy Campers of Housatonic Community College.

The Electronic Takeover

By Gianni Sapienza, Ethan Goodrich, Jailene Cuevas & Lucas Desouza

As you can probably see everywhere you turn, electronics have taken over, especially the use of different social media platforms. Walking around campus, we noticed many students being distracted by their phones whether it be while they are trying to study, do homework or even while socializing with friends.


 I have been studying for three hours, I deserve to take a break and check up on my social life,” says Stephanie Avioli, 22, Pre-Environmental Science major, while checking her Instagram and studying for her Chemistry final.

Talk about safety gone wrong! Clayton Simses, 19,  Chemistry major, seemed to care more about checking out his friends' pictures on Instagram than focusing on his workout on the treadmill.

 Instead of enjoying the HCC Sidewalk Art Festival, Lin Baily 19, General Studies major, & Sara Hussien, 19, Biology major, were on their electronics instead of bonding with others. Talk about social life gone wrong!

Phung Duhn, 22, Business Management major, was too busy texting her group chat to focus on finishing up her final project for biology.


20-year-old Andrew Johnson, to the right, Criminal Justice major, and friends, joking around while showing each other memes in the cafĂ©. #dankmemes

Dominique Buchanan, 22, General Studies major, is about to use the phone and risk everyone's life. $150 fine much?


Emaunel Diaz, 22, General Studies major, is playing Farmville in the library when he should be studying for his final.#WTFisfarmvillebro

Killing time at work with a little filter action while Flo Cazino, 23, Biology major, is attempting to pay for her food.  #snapchatfordays


Hussein Aidibe, Pre-Engineering major, 22, taking a break from work with other extracurricular activities.

Journalism major Alfredo Rivera's fries are getting cold while texting and ignoring friends. #liveinthemomement #notonthephone!